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About Us

Total child in Africa.

About Us

About Our NonProfit Organization

Our Vision


 (TCCISS) helps children, youth, and women build learning capacity by offering academic, technical, spiritual discipline and vocational skills training that foster sustainable development, economic empowerment, and overall positive humanistic change.   

Total Child Care Initiative (TCCI) was established in December 2005 in Ogun State, Nigeria. Its founder, Ms. Hawa P. Quaye, founded TCCI while a refugee at the Oru Refugee Camp in Ogun State, Nigeria, enabling children for a better future through education and agriculture initiatives. Ms. Quaye was active with the Liberian Government hospital in Tubman, Bomi County, serving as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, there she met Ms. Rebecca Gahanga, who was on a mission trip from Hotspring, North Carolina, and became an active partner of the TCCI.

Our Target Donation

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Meet The Team​

Great things in our life are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.

Hawa Quaye


Ponnie Moodley

Educational Consultant

Annmarie Charles

Team Project associate

Moses Charles

Deacons and Advisor

Yvette Clarke

Management Manager

Our Leaders

TCCI Program Coordinator
Ms. Rebecca
Founder & Executive Director
Ms.Hawa quaye
Deacons and advisor
Moses Charles
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