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Our Vision

To create opportunities, growth, and impact children in underserved communities. Directing the minds of children towards the fear of God through Biblical disciplines, which in consideration of existence is the beginning of wisdom.

Hawa Quaye

Founder & Executive Director

Our Mission

TCCI exist to help underserved children in rural communities attain education and biblical disciplines. Our mission is to help families become self-sufficient through skills training. The goal for the project is to empower people to be financially stable and come to know the love of God in Jesus Christ. Please watch the video.

Help to save our children

Communities Events

Projects events

Here  is  in coming Projects  and  old projects events .If you would like to contribute  or donate  to supports our  future generation  you are most welcome.

Water supply in this village are very difficulty to get from the government thus why Mrs. Hawa decided to build water well for the children

Old mad school

Old mad school

This was the old school before the rebuild the school

Part of the water wells

Part of the water wells

New School

New School

Communities work together to rebuild the new school .

New project  in Virginia

New project in Virginia

School Roof

School Roof

The school roof was damage and now they are working repair

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